Zani & Zani

This is my favourite cookware from Zani and Zani (not Serafino Zani), I can’t locate them on the web so they may not still exist?


Honest linen textiles made in Sweden from a craft that was born in the Flax industry in Scandinavia over 1500 years ago.

Iris Hantverk

Contemporary practical brushes made in Sweden and Estonia by hand working with visually impaired craftspeople.


I’m never quite sure about the use of Horn. It is all safely gathered and some of the smaller pieces just feel superb. Made here in Cumbria, a timeless craft.


French laundry meets Labour and Wait. The most beautiful bins in conjunction with Rossignol.

Variopinte Enamel

I have always had a soft spot for enamelware, whether it be the classic blue and white or the decorated variations used throughout Asia, as a material it has a practical industrial…

Bollen Glass

I bought my first Bollen glasses at ABC New York in 2002 and still have most of them. Very niche, very fine, very expensive, very beautiful.

Astier De Villatte

The most wonderful ceramics, hand made in the outskirts of Paris by Benoit, Ivan and team. Their store on the rue Saint Honore is sublime.


So, Alessi. An Italian family firm of metal finishers that have been in business since the 1920’s and supply throughout the world to a network of their own shops plus hundreds of…


Aesop was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1987. Passionate about plant-based ingredients and with a worldwide collection of amazing stores each individually designed. World class passion and attention to detail

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