Vintage Dining Tables

We have a reputation for original vintage dining chairs, and we are slowly building a decent range of vintage dining tables to go with our vintage seating. We scour Europe for original vintage tables that have a history, presence, and real character, but that are still practical for everyday use. Sourcing great statement dining tables is actually really hard, we look for scale, proportion and design and then we have to really just love it. We know that they are often the centre piece of any home or kitchen and as such, are part of the family.

Extensive Range

We carry a wide range of larger scale ‘farmhouse type’ dining tables as well as other styles, sizes and materials. We love vintage cast metal bases, Tolix tables, classic French café/bistro tables, and have a love for classic 50’s school lab tables.

Contact Us

We love to hear from fellow vintage fans. Telephone +44  (0)1256 760 044, or

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