Vintage Seating

We Have a Wide Range of Vintage Seating Options Available

We have a weakness for vintage dining chairs and that has now extended into general vintage seating, from armchairs, through to benches and stools. Vintage seating can be used practically for relaxed seating or we love it as a room accent, a statement piece.

The majority of our seating items are sourced from iconic 20th– Century European makers. To us the history and provenance behind our pieces is fundamental to understanding and appreciating their heritage. We love to research the history and do our best to share that with you.

We are passionate about rescuing these beautiful pieces of furniture and sympathetically restoring them so they can live a second life, we don’t shout about the environmental benefit but it’s a bi product we are proud of and more often than not the quality of manufacture is better than it is today.

We have a good range of vintage seating, but we always have a pipeline of new finds on the way and quite often we source specifically for clients projects. Contact us on +44  (0)1256 760 044 or email

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