Bletchley Park


Milton Keynes may not be the most exciting city but if you are passing through it’s defintely worth visiting Bletchley Park. The hugely succesful film, The Imitation Game, has put Bletchley Park on the map and it has obviously benefited from some serious Lottery Funding. But go now before the crowds descend and before the restoration goes too far. It’s not an easy sell to explain the huge complexity of the “Bombe” and the whole decoding process but they have done a great job of really focusing on this and trying to explain the significance of what was achieved by a tiny group of “mathemiticians” working in just a few small wooden huts. They are some very impressive graphic displays but I personally felt that some of the charm has disappeared with too much restoration and too many stylised graphics. Go now and make sure you spot the unrestored buildings adjacent to the carpark, and prey that these are not “restored”.

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