We don’t beat the drum about what we do but we do our best to be as responsible as possible.

FURNITURE: Probably the most important thing is that we just fundamentally believe that you don’t always have to buy ‘new’. Vintage furniture and lighting is, by definition about as environmentally responsible as it gets. We are driven to save the beautiful things that we find on our travels. We hate restoring things, stripping things and altering things so we try to keep everything as original as possible but tidy it up in our workshop, give it a bit of love so it is ready for a second good life. We are not against ‘new’ and will gradually introduce more new products but we do believe in buying once and buying well. It is better to pay a little more and give a bit more consideration to what you purchase so that it lasts and that is ultimately why we are passionate ‘champions of the forgotten makers’, producers who have survived because they just make well designed and well made products that stand the test of time.

RECYCLING: We minimise the use of bought In supplies and use water based products wherever we can, and we do our best to recycle all the consumable in our warehouse and workshop.

PACKAGING: We like to make sure our products go out the door well wrapped and protected. There is nothing more distressing for us than having a customer disappointed when their order arrives damaged, but we also try to keep packing to a minimum. We primarily use cardboard, bubblewrap and shrink wrap. We pay considerable more for biodegradable bubble wrap and our shrinkwrap is made from 80% recycled material. Our branded tape is vinyl and when our stock is used up we will be switching to paper based tape.

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