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Bletchley Park

Milton Keynes may not be the most exciting city but if you are passing through it’s definitely worth visiting Bletchley Park. The hugely successful film, The Imitation Game, has put Bletchley Park on the map and it has obviously benefited from some serious Lottery Funding. But go now before the…

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Champions Of The Forgotten Makers – The Next Phase

When we started this Merchant & Found gig a few years ago, we were driven by our passion (polite way…

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Baumann – ‘The Chairs Of France’

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to see and handle literally thousands of chairs. I have bought chairs…

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Tan – Sad From Pushchairs to Furniture

Tan-Sad began life in 1922 in Birmingham and was first publicly listed as an exhibitor at the British Industries Fair,…

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The Elusive James Leonard

If you have been following our journey at Merchant & Found, you will know we have always been big fans…

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Russian Precision Balance Scales – VEF

Traditional manual beam operated precision scales are sadly disappearing from daily use as electronic scales take over. Precision balance scales…

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Victorian Brickyard Collection – Crowle

A few weeks ago we heard about Crowle brickworks, a derelict brickworks outside Scunthorpe that was being demolished. The brickworks…

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H.Green & Co Textile Mill

We were recently contacted about the clearance of an old textile Mill, H.Green & Co, North West of Leeds, the…

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Fondation Maeght

Its hard to know where to start, this unique Fondation is one of the true gems in the world: The…

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Simple but tasteful letterpress cards and matches, link below. Archivist

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Cle Tiles

Never easy to find decent tiles. These are lovely. Cle Tiles

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Field Notes

Little old naive me loved the simplicity of the Field Notes books but I had no idea of their history….

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Present and Correct

These guys are one of my all time favourites, going about what they do in a quiet off the radar…

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Sander Wassink and Ma’ayan Pesach lights

I saw these lights for the first time in Rosanna Orlandi during The Salone di Mobile. They are designed and…

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Circus posters

I have always loved circus and fairground decoration/art/imagery and found these beautiful posters on ebay. These are (I believe) 1960’s…

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I live quite close to Booklands and have driven at a Mercedes World track event, but I’m sorry to say…

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France “May 1968”

I first came across these posters at the Salone de Mobile on the kitchen stand of Alpes Inox, great kitchens…