Vintage Berber Black Thin Stripe Hanbel Rug.

Berber Hanbel Rugs
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Vintage Berber Black Thin Stripe Hanbel Rug.

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Vintage Berber Black Thin Stripe Hanbel Rug. These are flat-woven rugs (Hanbel in Arabic) which are light in weight due to the lack of pile. They are often used on floors in hotter countries as they are easy to just shake outside if dusty or sandy. In cooler climates, they are suited to wooden floors as a decorative item, as bedcovers or blankets , or even wall hangings. Often they feature strong designs and patterns and may incorporate some low pile, knotted elements and hand embroidery.

Berbers or Imazighen are an indigenous ethnic group from the Maghreb region of North Africa, specifically Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. Historically, Berber nations have spoken Berber languages. Most Berbers were in fact traditionally farmers, living a relatively nomadic existence in the mountains relatively close to the Mediterranean coast. 100% Wool, Circa 1970's.

Workshop Report:

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Date:Late 20th Century

Maker:Handmade - Berber

Dimensions:182cm(w) x 370cm(l) x 3cm(h)