1960's Large Firemans Hall Storage Cupboard

1960’s Large Firemans Hall Storage Cupboard

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1960's Large Fireman's Hall Storage Cupboard. We salvaged this from a college in Yorkshire where it had sat in a college hallway doing it's job, hopefully never used. The cabinet was used to house all the necessary fire safety bits and bobs. The metal work on the left side held the brass hose spout, axe and glass breaking hammer. Inside on the left was for the flat rolled hose and other equipment, the taller right cupboard held fire extinguishers. The sloping top, we assume, was purposefully designed so that it wouldn't be used as a dumping ground. Lovely simple original and incredibly practical bit of history, all the original brass handles and catches. One of our favourite finds.
Internal dimensions: Left side 45L x 136W x 44H (bottom) Top section (45 at the front, 57 at the back). Right cupboard 45L x 65W x 92/106H all cm.

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Dimensions:211cm(w) x 54cm(l) x 122cm(h)