1957 Dr Auzoux French Educational Chart – P.Sougy – Digestif – S7 (2)


1957 Dr Auzoux French Educational Chart – P.Sougy – Digestif (Digestion). In the 1940’s Paul Sougy, a gifted illustrator and curator of natural history at the Orleans Science Museum, south west of Paris, was commisioned by the estate of French naturalist Jerome Auzoux to create a series of educational illustrations based on the work of Dr Auzoux. Sougy created a stunning numbered series of illustrations which were used in books and educational charts to help further biology and physiologyin schools and universities. Dr Louis Jerome Auzoux was a major pioneer in the education of anatomy and himself created a large number of exceptional lifelike paper mache models that could be taken apart and rebuilt to demonstrate the anatomy of humans, animals and plants. We recently sourced a large collection of educational charts from as early as the 1940’s. Each chart is in extraordinary original condition, clothed backed with original trims and hanging battens. The charts have original; hanging ribbons, tie ribbons, descriptive labels and in a few rare cases the A4 supporting paper guide for the teacher. (please see images for exact condition and enclosures).

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