Designers Guild is one of those brands that just quietly goes about its business in a very understated way. Whilst fashions come and go, colours are in or out, Tricia Guild just sticks to what she is famous for and justly so. They have a global fabric business but to really understand the brand their Kings Road Store is the flagship. I was passing the store this week and I had a few spare minutes so I parked up and popped in to see what was new. Half an hour later I left refreshed, and with a smile. The shop looked amazing, incredibly well curated, beautifully cared for yet commercially laid out. A rare combination where the visual standards  are superb, the product is a mix of new DG product but with a curated collection of vintage, small artisans and never seen before product.

Ten out of ten. We all rave (do we still?) about Merci in Paris but lets not forget designers Guild. In my humble view the store is simply world class.