1950's Decorative Russian Double Precision Balance Scale - Small Size

1950’s Decorative Russian Double Precision Balance Scale – Small Size

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1950's vintage decorative Russian double precision balance scale - small size. We have an extraordinary collection of highly accurate double balance precision scales sourced from the VEF factory in Western Russia. The scales were used to check the accuracy of the master weights used throughout a factory. The VEF factory was an ex Soviet factory famous in the 30's for making the worlds smallest spy camera and then in the fifties it produced most of Soviet Russia's radios and telephones. These are extremely precise manual scales, a wonderful part of industrial history. Due to their size and rarity they make superb decorative pieces, a stunning statement piece.

Workshop Report:

Our workshop team inspect every product and carry out any needed repairs to ensure that everything leaves us serviced and maintained ready for many more years of life. All of our vintage products show the rich beauty and history of their life with the knocks and bumps of many years of use and we try to minimise restoration to keep every piece as original as possible. The scales still balance and have most of their original components but are sold as decorative items.


Maker:Handmade - Russia

Dimensions:24cm(w) x 42cm(l) x 47cm(h)