1920’s Printers Cabinet / Drawer Unit With A Quantity Of Original Letterpress Typography


1920’s Vintage printers cabinet with a quantity of original letterpress typography. Sourced in the South East of France we found three exceptional original printers cabinets/drawers. The bank of three were semi built in to the printers workshop and sat side by side. Made of pine with original handles and a century of age and character. This particular unit comes with the nine main drawers with some typography letters. We have gently cleaned the unit and letters but left them as untouched as possible. The unit was used to house sets of typography and the printer would place his ‘frame’ on the slanted shelf on top of the cabinet selecting the required type blocks from below. The type blocks were laid out (set) in the frame, then secured with spacers and ‘furniture’ wedges before the printer moved the frame to the press for printing. Original presses used simple manual pressure which then progressed to screwed weighted plates and then a roller before eventually engraved plates replaced the individual type blocks. An exceptional piece of history and just a beautiful piece of furniture.

Workshop Report

Our workshop team inspect every product and carry out any needed repairs to ensure that everything leaves us serviced and maintained ready for many more years of life. All of our vintage products show the rich beauty and history of their life with the knocks and bumps of many years of use and we try to minimise restoration to keep every piece as original as possible.

Date: 1940'sMaker: Handmade - France

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Dimensions: L 66 x W 106 x H 128 cm

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