1920’s Large French Oak Kitchen Dresser – Sideboard


1920’s Large French Oak Kitchen Dresser – Sideboard. One of the best most original and well proportioned dressers we have come across. Made principally from solid oak the cabinet has a wonderful solid oak top with solid oak drawer fronts and panelled cabinet doors. The top features ten good sized drawers, mostly without internal fittings but a couple have dividers typically for cutlery and candles, all drawers run smoothly and all drawers retain their original pressed brass handles and escutcheons. Internal drawer dimensions are 46L x 45W x 12H for the top row and 15 high for the second row. The bottom features five panelled oak doors with large cabinets behind. The central door is a single cabinet 51L x 54W x 52H, either side is a double door cabinet 51L x 109W with a central shelf, shelf height is off centre with a space of approx 28cm height on top and 21cm on the bottom. Typically some of the locks on the cabinet doors have been removed over the years, usually when cabinets were locked and keys lost. The cabinet doors close well and close onto push fit metal latches. This is a heavy and stunning dresser, beautifully made with great proportions and a practical configuration. Our workshop has serviced the cabinet and all drawers run well, cabinet doors open and close smoothly.

Workshop Report

Our workshop team inspect every product and carry out any needed repairs to ensure that everything leaves us serviced and maintained ready for many more years of life. All of our vintage products show the rich beauty and history of their life with the knocks and bumps of many years of use and we try to minimise restoration to keep every piece as original as possible.

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Dimensions: L 56 x W 285 x H 101 cm

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