Vintage Furniture & Home Interiors – How To Use Colour & Paint

We photograph all of our vintage in a great studio we have, it has a polished concrete floor and white walls, perfect for online images but not the most helpful for showing customers how pieces can look in their own homes. With that in mind, we recently borrowed a friend’s house and went to town shooting some real life examples of how we see vintage translated into a home environment. To do this properly we needed to ditch the white walls and splash on some colour, so we started hunting around for some paint that we liked. After a decent search we came across the team at Graphenstone, we loved what they do and found their colour palette was amazing, it just seemed to bring out the best in our vintage furniture , and one thing led to another, we started to collaborate.

So why Graphenstone?

We are far from perfect with our environmental credentials, so we are not beating the drum, but one of our fundamental passions is just saving so much beautiful vintage furniture and giving it a second life, by default it has to be the right thing to do. We also take care throughout our business to act responsibly, we pay more for the right packaging materials that are biodegradable or made from recycled materials and so on, it’s very important to us. When we delved into Graphenstone we found they set a very high benchmark with the most amazing environmental credentials and that, for us, was a marriage made in heaven. Great colours, great paint.

You can read their full story on their site, but a short summary is this, they have revolutionised the paint industry with a paint that is 100% natural, mineral and VOC free, uniquely their paints incorporate carbon ‘Graphene’ technology. Basically graphene is all natural and makes the paint more durable but best of all the paints contain high levels of pure lime, absorbing a significant volume of CO2, actively purifying the air as they cure and the paints are free of biocides, plasticisers, toxic substances, or heavy metal elements. What’s not to like?


So to cut a long story short we teamed up with Graphenstone and worked with them to put a pallet of colours together for our shoot and we hope you like the result. Choosing colours for your own home is not easy and we just hope some of our imagery helps inspire you to experiment in your own homes to lift vintage to another level. In the end we put together ten colours that we think work well with vintage furniture.

Read below to see the ten colours we selected and for more information or to purchase Graphenstone direct please just head over to their site wit the link below. We don’t make a commission on sales we just believe what they are offering is great and we want to spread the word.

Our ten selected colours are:






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