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Case studies

BBC His Dark Materials

In 2015, the BBC commissioned the television adaptation of His Dark Materials, an epic trilogy written by Philip Pullman. We were lucky enough to meet the amazing props team led by Charlie and the Bad Wolf production team and we were given a wide ranging brief to source ‘laboratory’ props for the production.

We ended up taking the props team on a special sourcing trip to Latvia where we were in the process of salvaging the contents of a 1950’s materials testing laboratory. We brought back a full 18 ton vehicle worth of equipment, lighting and furniture that was was used extensively in the set production.


Dishoom first launched in 2010, conceptually based on the Irani cafes that were once widespread in Bombay but are now increasingly rare. We have provided seating to a number of their restaurants, all vintage chairs and usually reupholstered in bold graphics.

Our favourite was being involved with the ambitious large site in Canary Wharf. The design team went a step further, referencing a ‘fictional owner, a financial fraudster from the 1970s who owns a cafe on Dalal Street, close to the Bombay Stock Exchange’.

Goodwood Revival

We have been working with the event team at Goodwood now for several years, and each year their creative team throws out a new challenge. We supply vintage to various events throughout the year whether it be Goodwood Revival or the Festival Of Speed. Our favourite was the 2023  Revival when we supplied a ‘shops worth’ of stunning original haberdashery cabinets.

As part of the Revival, the event team created a Revive & Thrive Village, where enthusiasts and experts showcased their efforts to make the most of clothing that was built to last, whilst also recycling tired old garments giving them new life, creating a virtuous circle of sustainability. We were thrilled to be a major supplier and part of this circular message.

Havoc Film

Havoc 2023 – Netflix. On February 19, 2021, it was announced that The Raids director Gareth Evans had been commissioned  to direct the film Havoc from a screenplay he wrote under his exclusive deal with Netflix. Evans was also announced as a producer on the film alongside Tom Hardy.

The film is due for release in 2024, filmed mainly in South Wales, we supplied a good number of original vintage cabinet and other props.

Sessions Art Club

We first met Jonny in 2020 when he contacted us for a ‘batch’ of bentwood chairs for a new restaurant venture that he was planning. At the time we had just taken delivery of an extraordinary set of original Thonet chairs we sourced from an old Cinema just outside of Prague. The chairs still retained some of the original seat numbers. We delivered a few weeks before the very first ‘lockdown’ and our hearts went out to Jonny and the team.

It was a few months before we heard from Jonny again, but they eventually opened and the rest is history, Sessions too London by storm. Like the gent that he is, Jonny keeps in touch and we continue to supply his various ventures. A man with an extraordinary vision and a plan. Restaurant photographs credit: Beth Evans


Legacy – A TV mini series With Andra Fuller, Alfonso Caballero, Jaclyn Chantel, Barton Fitzpatrick. Follows Follows Guy Simmons, a notorious mobster and the patriarch of the Simmons family, the southern underworld’s ruling crime family, as he fights for his life, a sibling rivalry erupts, threatening his legacy and criminal enterprise.

We worked with Livinia and the team at SDTA productions, providing them with a number or original vintage pieces delivered on a tight time scale to set in Wales. The series stars the legend Ving Rhames.

Molly Goddard

The amazing team at Molly Goddard approached us for seating for their AW Fashion Show. Working to a strict time frame we supplied several hundred identical folding chairs to their HQ location which is also used for shows. Goddard was shortlisted for the LVMH prize in 2017 and won the BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund in 2018.

We delivered, on schedule, 280 chairs, up two flights of stairs, loose handled and installed as requested. The loveliest team to work with.

BBC The Capture

The Capture is a British mystery thriller series created, written and directed by Ben Chanan, and starring Holliday Grainger, Callum Turner, Laura Haddock, Ben Miles, Cavan Clerkin, Paul Ritter and the legend that is Ron Perlman.

The series premiered on BBC One in 2019, and a second series followed. We supplied a number of furniture products to the studio.

Hub Box

We have worked with the team at Hub box for three sites now. Dorchester, Plymouth and Truro. Each Hub Box has been developed around the central themes of friends, family and great food. South West based and growing fast, east restaurant is meticulously designed with its own character, celebrating the great and the good of each local area.

For each restaurant we have supplied the majority of chairs, Hub Box gets vintage and the wider sustainable benefits. We have worked with the team to supplying classics from the fifties.


At this Glassell Park restaurant in Los Angeles, chef Brian Dunsmoor crafts a menu of Southern-inspired American heritage cuisine. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see the building’s gorgeously embellished corner facade. Dunsmoor, a restaurant where dishes are prepared on a big hearth and a wood-fired oven, the goal is to take a step back in order to move forward.

Doing things from scratch, by hand, without blenders and induction burners and immersion cookers, is the point here.
We shipped over nearly 200 original chairs to this multi award winning restaurant, sea freight of course. Voted one of LA’s hottest new openings of 2023.   

Cassia Collective

We have worked with Anna and the Cassia team since the very first concepts were discussed back in 2020. Cassia Collective is on a mission is to change how we work, eat and socialise. We supplied most of the tables, a combination of our smaller Slice and larger solid oak Frame tables.

We also custom made a number of table solutions and supplied a good number of vintage chairs.

Around The World

We are also very grateful to each and every one of our private customers throughout the world for their encouragement and support.


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