Its hard to know where to start, this unique Fondation is one of the true gems in the world:

  • The location is magical.
  • The light is breathtaking.
  • The building is sublime.
  • The art is sublime.
  • The history is moving.
  • The atmosphere is beautifully intimate.

Saint – Paul de Vence is a bit touristy but still lovely. Have lunch (or stay) at the La Colombe d’Or and don’t forget Miro’s chapel nearby (Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence

The Maeght family started when bought a property in Saint-Paul de Vence in the early 1950s and named it “Mas Bernard” after their son, who died in 1953 aged only 11.  The early death of their son had a profound effect on the family and along with friends, Georges Braque, and other artists, Aimé and Marguerite Maeght created the Fondation. In 1964,  Catalonian architect Josep Lluis Sert designed the building and along with the the artists  Giacometti, Miro and Braque, they designed the gardens and art for the landscape. The family were responsible for printing many of the great artworks of the time and still operate the Maeght business which in itself is a treasure trove in central Paris, totally off the radar but chock full of extraordinary art, history, catalogue overruns… just amazing, and all for sale.

Works by Calder, Miro, Giacometti… and on and on….

They also host regular terrific exhibitions.

Go and enjoy a wonderful rare treasure.